Caroll's Art
These are just some of Caroll's creations...
Caroll Spinney art for sale at the Sochor Art Gallery - Putnam CT

An example of Caroll Spinney art for sale at the
Sochor Art Gallery
in Putnam, CT
For more details or to discuss, visit: The Caroll Spinney Fan Forum
Caroll Spinney "behind the scenes" artwork

Caroll's "behind the scenes" artwork, complete with caricatures of himself and Jerry Nelson (the man behind Count Von Count)
Harvey comic

Harvey comic

Harvey comic
Caroll's comic strip "Harvey" which he wrote and illustrated while he was in the military (under the name "Ed Spinney").

Santa Claus carrying a sack of gifts
Illustration from Caroll's personal Christmas cards, 2001. Note the dolls in the shape of Caroll and his wife.

pen and ink fantasy drawing
Pen and ink fantasy drawing

screen shot
This is the drawing Big Bird drew of singer Buffy St. Marie, her family and the cast of Sesame Street in the 1970's.

Show 3977

Show 3979
Caroll draws a cartoon on each of his script covers. Here are two of them.

surreal Big Bird
Big Bird with a Baby

Some more of Caroll's cartooning.
Big Bird pushing Oscar's can on a cart

"Hey, I'm Driving As Fast As I Can"

Watercolor from the 1998 Art of the Fuzzy and Famous exhibit. Click on the picture to go to a link describing this event.

title card
"Crazy Crayon", animated cartoon series from the 1960's.
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"How to be a Grouch", a Whitman® Tell-A-Tale book starring our favorite Grouch.

Mr. Hooper

The famous drawing of Mr. "Looper".

fantasy illustrationfantasy illustration
Black and white illustration prints.

Letter from Big Bird
Big Bird
Some personal items sent to me by Caroll.